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    5. Transform: Show up for yourself consistently for 30-days and experience life-changing results for your physical, mental and spiritual well-being.


What are other long-lasting health seekers saying about working with me?

I’ve been blessed to work with dozens of people from all around the world. I hope that these words some of them have written about my work will inspire you as much as they inspire me!

Heidi’s concept on a profound massage treatment and a healthy treat is divine! For my lower back and neck problems, she combines techniques in osteothai, reflexology and craniosacral therapy. However, she always highlights how she’s listening to the body and adapting the treatment accordingly which is possible only for a highly experienced massage therapist.

Over a decade, I’ve visited many physiotherapists, naprapaths, osteopaths and podologists but Heidi seemed to be the first one who dared to get creative and give my body exactly what it was asking for. Thank you so much, Heidi, and see you soon again!

— Hanna from Finland

Heidi is more than a massage therapist. She’s a healer. She intuitively knows which combination of treatments work best for me.

The health drink and snack after the session add an extra special touch.

I highly recommend her.

— George from Cyprus

Wonderful experience with an amazing person!

Heidi is a very professional and kind person. For me these factors are very important when I am looking for therapy for me.

She did a fantastic job and had a very good connection with my body since the very beginning. Heidi focused on areas where I’m tight and also helped me to understand more about my body signals.

And the cutest thing was to have  a tasty breakfast with amazing homemade food.

As a result, I had an amazing day and I am looking forward to another therapy session soon. Highly recommended!

— Ksenia from Russia

I was very lucky that Heidi was recommended to me by a friend of mine. Since my birth I have scoliosis and my muscles are mostly very stiff and often I am in pain in the lower back and neck area. Heidi’s highly personalized approach, her knowledge and the relaxing and calming setting of the massage room helps my entire body, mind and soul to loosen up.

With her genuine caring and empathetic spirit she makes you feel in a different world and you leave her session feeling looser, lighter and happier 🙂

Heidi has my highest recommendation!

— Julia from Germany

Heidi has been my therapist for a few years now and for me, she is the solution for my lower back problems. She knows exactly how to read the body and with her techniques, she finds precisely where the problem is and how to fix it.

I can recommend Heidi to everybody who can not find a solution within their regular physiotherapist, besides that she is a very professional and nice person.

— Jeroen from Holland

Heidi has a natural ability to detect what your body needs and uses a variety of methods and techniques to balance and re-energise your body.

I recently had a serious attack of lumbar pain due to an untreated LLD that had caused scoliosis and a herniated disk. Heidi helped me tremendously working thoroughly on my muscles and helped me feel better than I had in years. I literally went from being given official sick leave, lying in bed all day and being prescribed heavy painkillers to walking  upright and feeling light and flexible with no pain at all.

— Marisa from London

I had such an amazing massage session with Heidi. She puts all herself in what she is doing and I could definitely feel it.

The space, the ambience and the energy were exactly what I needed.

During one and a half hours I had my body manipulated in such a good way. I was able to relax and let go of tension in my body and my mind. I really enjoyed it.

I highly recommend everyone to give themselves some self-love through Heidi’s touch.

Thank you for your professionalism and your sensibility.

Ps: After the session I had the most delicious vegan homemade cheesecake. Heidi can definitely work her magic.

— Aurelia from Romania

A few months ago my partner died and my whole being was so affected, depleted by his parting. And then I met Heidi.

She has supported me physically and emotionally. Heidi helped me to release tensions and to regain strength, to enable me to face my loss in a more active and conscious way. Thank you!

— Isabel from Spain